Share Your Trail Conference History

February 25, 2020
Bob Jonas
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Share Your Trail Conference History
Sterling Ridge Wanderbirds.


As the Trail Conference approaches its 100th birthday, some of our long-time volunteers are spearheading efforts to create a display of the organization’s history in the main hall at our headquarters. The proposed theme is “We Work, We Play”—and we need your help!

We’re looking for memorabilia and photos that demonstrate our mission and growth, from our earliest days, right up to the present. We’re seeking old trail signs and blazing materials, as well as tools of our trade. Photos that show group trips, work trips, youth endeavors, and projects both underway and completed are encouraged. Although we have photos of our founding members along the historic staircases, we’d also like to see some photos of our “old-timers.”

Central North Jersey Trail Co-Chair Bob Jonas has already assembled some of this material, but he is looking for more that represents our entire region—from the Catskills in the north to the Sourlands in the south.

While we have two cabinets to fill, space is not unlimited. Please email Bob at [email protected] with items that you might be willing to contribute. Looking forward to a broad assortment of interesting artifacts!