Spreading Our Mission Through Running

January 06, 2020
Don Weise
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Spreading Our Mission Through Running


On a crisp November morning, 20 enthusiastic trail lovers gathered to experience the joy of running Sterling Forest’s multi-use trails and try on a pair of Hoka trail running shoes. This was just one of 12 monthly Trail Conference Trail Runs, which are rapidly gaining popularity and enlightening a new group of trail users to the value of the Trail Conference’s work.

The Trail Conference offers trail runs year-round throughout the bi-state area to engage the community, attract member support, and highlight trail projects. Runs range from 5 to 9 miles with options to lengthen or shorten, and there are two or three group leaders to accommodate a range of paces. Runs may be combined with trail etiquette, safety, and form clinics, which regularly emphasize the importance of yielding to hikers and horses.

We will also partner with member clubs, such as Sassquad Trail Running, which will host the Squatchy Onesie Fest 5K-Marathon at Trail Conference Headquarters on Feb. 15, 2020. Sassquad will also make a donation to the Trail Conference after the party ends. To get in on the fun and learn more about our monthly runs, join our Trail Conference Trail Runs Facebook group or email [email protected].

Meet us on the trail for an upcoming trail run!